Pain Management

The Macon Medical pain Center Center Specializes in treating the following using medical technology and medication management to best serve our patients...


• Low Back Pain

• Herniated Disc
• Headaches
• Joint Pain/ Arthritis
• Peripheral Neuropathy
• Radiculopathies
• Neuralgia
• Cancer Pain
• Spasticity
• Sports Injuries
• Myofascial Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Cancer

•And many other causes of pain

Please call our office for more information specific to your needs.

Allergy Testing

  When getting started with an allergy program at the Macon Medical Center, you will be asked to stop taking your over the counter and prescription medications prior to your visit. Some drugs may interfere with results of your tests. If you have any questions regarding medication you may be taking, please contact our nurse.

The first step is to conduct a skin test/allergy test to determine your specific allergens. A skin test is a simple procedure that is best described as tiny scratches made on the surface of the skin on your back. The scratches are conducted with a small instrument which contains trace amounts of a single allergen...

Nerve Function Testing

We offer a physician supervised nerve test to help diagnose and locate nerve damage or diseases of the nerves or muscles. This test will let the doctor know if there has been any loss of function such as muscle weakness or loss of reflexes as a result of the nerve dysfunction. The more specific the doctor can be with your diagnosis, the more specific your treatment will be. This is conducted using NCV/ EMG, Vascular testing, ECHO and/ or ultrasound 

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Taking care of your health

Health Plans
We Accept

We accept cash pay patients. Insurance also accepted...Medicaid, Medicare, United Healthcare, Humana, BCBS Federal, MHBP,Caresource, Peachstate, Amerigroup,  and Coventry. Call for information on other insurances. 

Number 1 Medical Clinic in the Area

Our board certified physician,Dr. Ademola Opanuga, medical assistants, and staff at Macon Medical Pain Center welcome you to Middle Georgia’s comprehensive pain clinic.  As a patient, you receive various medical solutions targeted to your individual condition, utilizing diverse technologies.  We take care in providing you with the very best service and treatment. 

Regardless of your condition, Macon Medical Pain Center’s diverse approach provides you with a number of pain treatment options, ensuring you the quickest and most effective recovery possible.

Macon Medical  Pain Center offers patients an alternative to living in chronic pain.  Our clinic in Macon is centrally located off of I-75, providing you access to medical care without having to wait weeks for an appointment.  Ask your doctor for a referral today, and start your journey to feeling better.



Our clinic offers a myriad of services.  Windy Brannon of Atlanta Neurodiagnostics is a physical therapist that is specialized in neurodiagnostic testing. Windy performs nerve tests and circulation studies to help identify the source of patients' pain and the extent of the functional loss. The results allow patient's to be treated with more specific treatment as possible. .

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